Privacy Policy

Because we believe that security and privacy should be as simple as possible, we’re making our privacy policy equally simple:

We Do:

  • Collect analytics data via Google Analytics. For info on what that includes, please refer to Google’s documentation:
  • Collect your name and email address only if you fill out a form on our site.
  • Send you emails with relevant security related info when you contact us or sign-up for our newsletter.

We Do Not:

  • Collect any private or otherwise sensitive information from site visitors. We don’t sell anything, and thus don’t collect billing info for any reason.
  • Engage in browser fingerprinting. If you don’t know what that is, check this out:
  • You can’t sign-up to log-in to this site, so we don’t have any usernames or passwords to protect. Your info is safe, because we don’t have any of it.
  • Send you emails if you have asked us not to. If you ever want to be removed from our mailing list, just click the unsubscribe link in the last email we sent you.